Steam Achievements is a feature introduced in the Welcome to the Game 2.0 update, being a roster of achievements the player's Steam account will be rewarded with for doing specific, optional tasks in the game. There are 11 achievements in all, and 2 are hidden.

List of achievementsEdit

  • #GoodGuyAdam: Finish the tutorial.
  • 1337: Finish the game without getting hacked.
  • DEEP EXPLORER: Visit all Deep Web sites.
  • DEEP WEB OUTLAW: Beat the game within 7 days.
  • IMPROVER: Solve Claffis on the first try.
  • REDRUM: Make it to the Red Room.
  • THE CLOUD CHASER: Get to master level on the CloudGrid tool.
  • THE DENIER: Get to master level on the DOS_BLOCKER tool.
  • THE DEVELOPER: Get to master level on the K3RN3LC0MP1L3R tool.
  • WHO AM I: Make it to the Who Am I ending.
  • WHERE AM I: Make it to the Where Am I ending.


  • REDRUM is a reference to "The Shining".
  • DEEP WEB OUTLAW is a reference to the Takedownman Youtuber.

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