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Amelea, also spelled as Amalea, is a central character in Welcome to the Game II.

She's a missing woman and the motivation behind the player, Clint Edwards. All that's known surrounding her disappearance is that it's likely a kidnapping by some masked men associated with the Shadow Web on the Deep Web and The Prey.

The player character of The Waiting Room is an associate of her, who indirectly reveals through a phone-call upon escaping the Executioner that she's being targeted by Deep Web lurkers for digging too deep, just as he has. 

In the ending WTTG2, it's revealed Amelea's kidnapping was just bait for Clint - the real star of the show. The leader of Noir, The Prey's true form, gives Clint the choice of sacrificing himself or sacrificing Amelea as a climax for the watchers of her livestream. Amelea's fate is left entirely up to the player - she's either tortured to death in front of thousands or quietly let loose.