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Clint Edwards is the protagonist of Welcome to the Game II

He's a reporter leading an illegal, one-man investigation (although Adam helps) of Amelea, a missing fellow reporter, by scouring the Deep Web in search of his one and only lead, the Shadow Web. From 10 PM to 4 AM, throughout his investigation, he's hunted by Noir, the cult behind Amelea's kidnapping, the Police, violently cracking down on cyber-crime, the Breather, an alleyway-based serial killer, Lucas Kumiega, a hitman hired to assassinate him, and the Doll Maker, one of the most infamous figures on the Deep Web.

In the ending, upon tunneling to the Shadow Web, he's kidnapped by Noir and has a one-on-one with Adam, who reveals himself as the mastermind behind everything. He gives him the option of getting his throat slit to save Amelea, or walk out a free man with the knowledge that Amelea was tortured to death in his place. What Clint chooses is up to the player.


  • Unlike the Player from the first game, Clint's dialogue isn't voiced, and instead conveyed through text options.