The Deep Wiki I

The Deep Web is a section of the World Wide Web and what Welcome to the Game revolves around. It is accessed on the player's computer, hosted on A.N.N (Anonymous Node Network), and navigated through via the three Deep Wikis.

It houses multiple websites that the player can access. The ultimate goal of the game is to skim every available website in search of "keys", bits of code that, once pieced together, can be used to access a Red Room.

Some websites can only be connected to at certain time intervals. True to the real life deep web, many of the websites actually lead to dead pages, and only a handful include actual view-able content, and an even smaller percentage has a key hidden within it.

Browsing the Deep Web puts the player in incredible danger, making them the target for hackers and home invaders (specifically the Kidnapper and the Breather) after intercepting their IP.

List of websitesEdit



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