This article describes the multiple endings for Welcome to the Game.

Note that the developer of Welcome to the Game heavily prefers players to unlock and witness the endings for themselves rather than looking them up. Please be considerate of these wishes before reading.

Default endingEdit

In the default ending, the player simply finds all the keys to make a Red Room URL, and after entering, a cutscene plays of the Executioner torturing and murdering the Victim for the player's entertainment.

Where Am I endingEdit

After a complex process detailed in this video, as well as below, by RiskRim, the first person to unlock it, the player can retread the default ending, however this time through the Victim's perspective, giving them the option to wiggle out of their restraints and escape the Executioner as he's busy addressing the audience. The Victim wanders onto a night-sunken highway, specifically the one from Rides With Strangers, another Reflect Studios horror game, where they see The Father drive by to pick up the hitchhiker Elora. The Executioner all of a sudden jumpscares the player, implying the Victim was re-captured despite his efforts. Then, a date is revealed on the screen, "2017 Q2". This foreshadows the release date of Rides With Strangers.

The story of RiskRim's unlocking of the secret ending is detailed here:

The Story

The youtuber RiskRim did not understand the sounds that he heard on the video that Adam posted on Twitter. So Adam said on the chat of the livestream: "Google is my friend." After a while, some folks found out that the code could be decrypted through Hash MD5 Decrypter. When RiskRim put the code on it, the result was the classic "666". No one knew what it meant at first, so Adam once again posted a comment on the chat saying something among the lines of "When was the strange Illuminati video posted and deleted?" RiskRim remembered the time of both and with that, Adam told him to put it on the Eastern Time, which the result was 3:30 to 4:00 am. This is important, because if you go to the site of The Illuminati at the following time and click the symbol, you hear a click. Then, if you put the code 666 on the site, a code will appear and the website becomes dark with the code being "AllThatRain". The next clue given by Adam was to go to his website, called Reflect studios, then, inspecting the source code of the website, you will notice a A.N.N URL which, when put into the game, asks for a code, if you put "AllThatRains" It will show you Six images featuring a box and text saying "COME FIND ME" along with a coordinate which is located somewhere in Buffalo, New York, hinting that there is something to find on these coordinates. Then, someone by the name of ridagreat found the box on the pictures, which contained a sheet of paper congratulating him and giving another A.N.N URL along with a 20 dollar steam card. Going to the URL will ask for the Red Room link of the previous Player's playthrough. Putting it correctly will unlock The Secret Ending.

Who Am I endingEdit

The other secret ending, again first unlocked by RiskRim in this video, reveals that the player is The Nympho from Rides With Strangers, who was looking for a Red Room for sexual pleasure. She interrupts her browsing of the Deep Web to prepare for a date, and the date "2017 Q2" is again teased.

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