The Executioner is a character in Welcome to the Game.

He is a sadistic masked psychopath who hosts Red Rooms for the sickest of Deep Web lurkers like the player.


The Executioner is a tall bald Caucasian man in blood-soaked medical scrubs, black pants, and a hockey mask, who speaks in a theatrical Joker-esque voice and takes sadistic pleasure in entertaining the Red Room viewers at the expense of his victims. 

After the player pieces together a Red Room URL through days of puzzle-solving, they can finally view a Red Room where they see the Executioner, in a dark padded room, wheel a cart of torture devices in front of the camera, where he slaps the restrained Victim awake, greets the viewers, and begins to torture the Victim. Fortunately, most of the torture is censored thanks to buffering, but a few glimpses still show the Executioner horribly maiming the Victim's face before slitting his throat. 

Secret EndingEdit

In one of the secret endings, the Victim (real name Larry) is controlled rather than the Player, in the same scene witnessed by the Player in the default ending. However, this time, Larry can escape his restraints and the room as the Executioner has his back turned to talk to the viewers. Despite Larry's success, it's implied the Executioner re-captures him anyway.


  • "Wakey wakey..." 
  • "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to tonight's show! Where you, the players, decide the entertainment for your twisted pleasure! Our special guest for this week is Larry, a 43-year old accountant from Buffalo, New York. Hobbies include birdwatching, walks in the park, and wood-- [Cutout] Why don't you introduce yourself Larry? The audience is eager to hear you..."
  • "Now, I am not going to lie, this might hurt!"
  • "Oh, no no no, I'm not doing this to you! The game is doing this to you!"
  • " the game!"



  • The Executioner is voiced by Joseph Wilson.

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