A Game Over occurs when, for some reason or another, the player cannot access a Red Room in Welcome to the Game, which is the primary goal of the game.

List of Game OversEdit

Time UpEdit

The player only has 30 in-game days to find the Red Room. After that, all Red Room services are permanently cancelled. It is unknown how long an in-game day is, and the player can lose several days if they fail certain Hacking mini-games.


If the player fails at hiding from the Kidnapper with the Light-Switch after he breaks into their house, he'll forcefully capture them, instantly ending the game.


If the player fails at keeping the Breather out of their house by holding the door shut, he'll sprint into the room, cackling, before gutting them with his knife.



A Game Over only occurs in The Waiting Room when the Executioner finds and knocks out the player with a punch to the nose.

This is either because he caught onto their attempts at escape, or because 3:30 AM hit.

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