The Prey is a deep web website

Description Edit

The Prey is a site that is on one of three deep wiki pages. This website is about a group of hunters and murders that hunt women exclusively. They hunt women just for the sport and pleasure they get from it which is really bad they also tend to hunt them in groups and never hunt women in a group of 4 or below. Judging form a picture on thier website the group wear black track suits, a mask and weild a knife.


A code can be found on this website. There doesn't seem to be any subpages making this page easier to scavenge than the ones that do have subpages. The code can be found by clicking the knife in the title or on the mask or knife the hunter in the picture. The Prey has a question on The Gatekeeper. The question is what is the minimum count of women for a hunt? The answer is Five.

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