The Prey is a website on the Deep Web. In Welcome to the Game, it's just one of the dozens of websites that can potentially house a Red Room key, but in the sequel, it takes much more prominence.


The Prey serves as the online headquarters for a group of misogynistic hunters that exclusively target women, kidnapping female vagrants, prostitutes, and the like, throwing them into barren forests, and letting the "hunt" commence. Hunts last from 3 to 7 days and involve a minimum of 5 female victims. A Red Room key can be found here. There doesn't seem to be any subpages, making it easier to scavenge than the ones that do. The code can be found by clicking the knives and masks found in the pictures.


  • The Prey has its own question on The Gatekeeper: "What is the minimum count of women for a hunt?" The answer is Five.
  • The concept of psychotic huntsmen kidnapping their victims, casting them into forests, and giving them a few days to adjust and prepare before hunting them for sport originates from the 1924 Richard Connell short story "The Most Dangerous Game".

In Welcome to the Game II, The Prey has much more significance to the story, as it, along with the Shadow Web, is one of Clint Edwards' only leads in his investigation of Amelea's disappearance.

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