An article piecing the chronology of the Welcome to the Game franchise together. It's worth noting that the WTTG universe is shared with the Rides With Strangers one.


  • Adam, likely during a Deep Web exploration, comes in contact with The Breather and is abducted by The Waiting Room. He manages to escape and leave behind a helpful remnant for his successors.
  • Adam establishes Noir, a murder-focused Deep Web-based cult composed of himself, two followers, and The Breather.
  • Welcome to the Game (2016): The Player, with Adam's help, wades through the Deep Web to find a Red Room while getting hunted by The Kidnapper and The Breather. She watches in a twisted sexual pleasure as Larry is tortured by The Executioner. Though the Player doesn't see it, Larry manages to escape The Waiting Room when The Executioner's back is turned, but is ultimately recaptured and tortured to death in front of thousands.
  • The Player joins Noir.
  • Amelea, a reporter, and an associate dig around the Deep Web, catching the attention of Noir.
  • Clint Edwards begins investigating The Breather, Adam, and Noir, also catching their attention.
  • The Waiting Room (likely 2017): Amelea's associate is abducted by The Waiting Room and uses Adam's remnant to escape. He warns Amelea not to end up like himself, but is assassinated by an unknown assialant.
  • Just as her associate feared, Amelea is kidnapped by Noir, and her upcoming murder is livestreamed on the Deep Web.
  • Welcome to the Game II (2018): Clint Edwards, with Adam's help, wades through the Deep Web to find a digital tunnel to the Shadow Web, Noir's base of operations, in an attempt to save Amelea while getting hunted by Noir, Lucas Kumiega, The Breather, The Police, and The Doll Maker. Unbeknowst to him, his night-long gauntlet of horror is being livestreamed on the Deep Web through security cameras, and Amelea's livestream was just a front to lure him into the "show". He's kidnapped by Noir and explained his situation by Adam, before either sacrificing himself to save Amelea, or reluctantly letting her die to save his own skin.