This article is a walkthrough of Welcome to the Game

Welcome to the Game is a randomly generated puzzle game where you start off navigating the Deep Wiki I in search of eight bits of code called called "keys", hidden within the websites of the Deep Web. You only have 30 in-game days to do so.

  • First off, don't waste your time with filler sites; sites that are never open no matter what or never contain keys.
  • Secondly, you only start off at the Deep Wiki I, which only ultimately contains 3-4 keys per playthrough. The other websites that contain the rest of the keys are at the Deep Wiki II, and you can only get its address by solving certain puzzles, which will either give you a key or the address to the second Deep Wiki.
  • Note that Welcome to the Game is randomly-generated and the keys will always be in a different location each playthrough. This article only lists all the possible spawn locations of the keys.
  • While the game encourages you to copy each link and key down with your in-game notes, thanks to Hacking, it's possible to lose all of your notes, so to be safe, write down all of the links and keys on an actual notepad (physical or digital) that you couldn't lose.
  • Each key begins with "*number* - *code*". The number is for what order the code is supposed to go in. For example, 1 - yx6B is the first code in the address, always behind "https://" and in front of ".ann".
  • Tip: You're not going to beat this game if you're a very slow typer, as the Kernel hacks get progressively harder and harder and require relatively fast typing.
  • Tip: You can copy and paste text in-game by highlighting it, pressing ctrl + C, then ctrl + V respectively.

Key-less filler sites (visiting these is always a waste of time)Edit

  • 133734
  • Alphabit Market 
  • ANN Hoster
  • ANN Wallet 
  • Beaminfo 
  • Black wire 
  • CannabisWorld
  • Charlie EU
  • Cheap Cigs
  • Decrypt You
  • Deepweed
  • Doctor Murder
  • DoubleUP 
  • Dream Place 
  • Easy Paybuddy 
  • Flame
  • Gnumped
  • Hidden Questions
  • Hotel ANN
  • Mobile Market
  • Parasite
  • Pay Blockers
  • Paybuddy Dolla 
  • PirateHACKERS
  • Pounds
  • Rent A Hacker 
  • Shiwa
  • The Info Exchange
  • Upper Earth 
  • Vesselam

Sites with keys and how to get themEdit

  • Black Hat Post (click on "Submit Post")
  • ChosenAwake (click certain symbols in the right order)
  • Cotton Road (click on the photo for 1G-DMT)
  • Father Donald (key at bottom screen)
  • Forgive Me (one of the confessions has one)
  • Hot Burners (click one of the guns)
  • Illuminati (clicking the pupil of the Illuminati eye may spawn a file on the desktop)
  • Legion (bottom part of the wall of text)
  • Organ Mart
  • Shadow Web Portal (clicking on the dark square at the bottom of the stairs)
  • Takedownman (one of the 162 URLs is clickable and leads to a key)
  • Tango Down (click on the payment on the left)
  • The Bunker (click on the 8 near the bottom of the page to have a .txt document placed on your desktop.)
  • The Butcher (click on "Gutting")
  • The Doll Maker (click "Contact Me")
  • The Gatekeeper (solve a several-question quiz relating to other websites)
  • The Loogaroo (click "mother" in the image caption)
  • The Pedo Handbook (randomly appears within the text of the main site, make sure not to click "enter" as this results in an instant game over.)
  • Warehouse 33 (clicking one of the numbered "Warehouse 1-4" links or an image causes a key to appear on the page)
  • Weed Post (has a random chance to contain a key on the navbar at the top of the page)
  • zeroDay (clicking "Leaks" sometimes places a .txt file on your desktop containing a key)

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